Michael Chenier ‘s personal experience has spanned many industry sectors. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household engrained the disciplines for hard work, organizational efficiency, customer service and the importance of sales results into every position held since the age of fifteen. Although the business sectors, roles and job descriptions varied wildly, Michael’s entrepreneurial curiosity and ambition continuously pushed him to view the businesses he worked for from the owners’ perspective, innately seeking more efficient processes to do things or ways to increase profits.

Early in Michael’s working career, he was extremely fortunate to stumble upon the opportunities to work with some of the most experienced employers in their industry. They always took the time and patiently listened to a continuous stream of crazy ideas meant to improve or increase something or another. In many cases, these early mentors – long before mentors were a thing, empowered Michael to experiment with some of his thoughts and see past the failures.

“How did that work for you?” has been a common question Michael has heard frequently throughout his varied career.